I can't think of anything I don't enjoy at Emerald Bay!
...you really don't have to look any other place. Everything has been perfect.

    - Jan, Emerald Bay Retirement Community Resident

Spacious Rooms & Freindly People

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Worry-free Transportation and Appointments

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A Home-like Atmosphere and Caring Staff

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Beautiful Inside and Out

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See what residents & families are saying about Emerald Bay!

“The food is really good and everyone is really nice. I feel much safer here then I do at home. I love how everyone knows my name, I am a person here! It’s so nice how the staff always ask me if I need anything whenever they come in my room. I am really happy here!

- Alyce Z.

Everybody is so friendly here! I just love my tablemates - they have become very dear friends to me. I also love the view of the woods out my window. I often see wildlife like deer and turkeys, and even a stray kitty now and then.”

- Kathy B.

“For anyone looking for a new home for a loved one, I heartily recommend Emerald Bay, not only for the high level of care and support they offer, but also for the beauty of the country setting.  Nature is readily available for enjoyment through walks as well as offering lovely vistas in apartment windows. It doesn’t get better than Emerald Bay!

Lucinda R.

“The staff and residents soon made my mother feel welcomed and included in activities.  She soon was happy in her new home.  If anyone is looking for a facility that will meet all your loved ones needs, make them feel welcomed and give them amazing care, I would suggest you look into Emerald Bay.  I know what a difficult decision this is.  The staff at Emerald Bay will guide you all along the way. We couldn’t have been happier with her care.”

Sandy G.

“Since my husband has resided at Emerald Bay, I can honestly state that when I leave him I have confidence that his care and safety will be priority to the staff.  This feeling is very comforting when leaving a loved one in someone else’s care. “

Joyce A.

“If anyone would ask me about choosing Emerald Bay as an option, I would say it is in a safe neighborhood. They are near a hospital. The staff is remarkable.  They care for, entertain, provide transportation, and feed the residents very well.  They are also great with our family and helping OUR adjustment.”

Tari G.

“We moved my mother, into Emerald Bay Retirement Community two years ago, after her husband passed away.  This was the best decision we ever made for and with her!  She now has a wonderful social life, playing bingo, Wii bowling and on occasion, enjoys Friday night happy hour! She loves sharing meals with 3 or 4 other ladies at her table every lunch and dinner.  We no longer have to worry about finding someone to take her to doctor appointments or grocery shopping or if she is eating well balanced meals.  All her medications are ordered through the nurses station and delivered right to her. Her laundry is done perfectly every week and returned to her either folded or on hangers.  Her one-bedroom apartment is lovely and kept spotless by Kathy, one of mom’s favorite staff people.  Not only is the facility itself beautiful but the staff is the best! From the bus driver to the cleaning staff, nurses to activity directors – you couldn’t ask for better qualified, kinder or warmer people.  Finally, the director does an amazing job coordinating the staff and has a hands-on relationship with every resident.  She has always been available to us to answer any questions or concerns.  My husband and I live in North Carolina, so it’s comforting for us to know that my mother is in such loving and capable hands, when we can’t be there. We would highly recommend Emerald Bay Retirement Community to anyone.”

Sandy T.

“The two most significant reasons for choosing to move my mother to Emerald bay were: (1) how very understanding and patient both Tabatha and Michael were to work with, and (2) how roomy and beautiful the building is kept up. I love how you decorate for Christmas and the spaciousness of the entryway and eating area – very welcoming; along with the cleanliness and size of the individual rooms themselves.  If someone I know was looking for a retirement community for their loved one, I would certainly tell them Emerald Bay is their best option. I know cost is always a factor, but the cost of Emerald Bay compared to other retirement home establishments in town is comparable.  Also, in addition to the reasons listed above, we LOVE the aides and care-givers that you employ. They truly care about my mom and treat her with respect and kindness – that is worth everything to me!

Faline V.

“We were very impressed with our initial meeting and information session with Michael.  He Was compassionate, professional and informative.  The facility is great! It is spacious, welcoming, and has many features and opportunities for the tenants.  There is so much to do to keep the tenants busy.   Many people from my mom’s previous city ask us why we chose to move her 30 miles away.  It’s quite simple… Emerald Bay is worth the distance! This is now her home, where she feels safe, and where her new friends live!”

Cindy M.

“We had looked at several other assisted living places and felt that Emerald Bay met all our needs.  They took great care of my husband, and when he passed, I decided to stay.  I feel very safe and taken care of.  The entire staff is so friendly and helpful.”

Myrt F.

“I chose to move to an assisted living community because of my age and to be closer to family.  My sons and I were looking for an environment where I could be as independent as possible, yet in a safe environment. After visiting four other facilities, I chose Emerald Bay for various reasons - including being close to my son, beautiful environment, unusably pleasant staff and reasonable rates for services received.  I do not regret my decision and I am glad I made it.  I have had a few health problems since being here at Emerald Bay, and I was more than pleases with the care I received.  I have been at Emerald Bay for 4+ years and I would recommend to anyone to check Emerald Bay out before making such a major decision. “

- Onie R.

“Emerald Bay is our home - away - from home.  We feel safe, comfortable, and secure.  Everything we need is right here for us.  There is even a chapel in the building. The staff is wonderful, and they take really good care of our needs.  They also provide excellent transportation to our medical appointments.   The food is wonderful, and we have made so many good friends while we have been here.  We truly love our new home and our Emerald Bay family!”

– Jim & Judy K.

I love living here! The residents are like family to me. The staff is outstanding in the way that they take care of us. They also have a great therapy and exercise program, which I really enjoy. The food is great too ~ especially the ice-cream! And I have a lot of fun playing cards with my friends.”

– Tom D.

"I like living here at Emerald Bay because everyone is so friendly. It has been easy to make friends with all of the activities I can join In on!” 

– Richard V.

“I love living at Emerald Bay. I am surrounded by so many friendly people. I especially love happy hour and getting my nails done. They also have a great exercise program!” 

– Alvina S.

“I enjoy living here at Emerald Bay because I have many friends here and like the people that work here. I am also very pleased on the care that has been provided to me in times of need.” 

– Clarice B.

I love living at Emerald Bay because I don't have to do anything except hold my coke at Happy Hour! I don't have to cook, clean, or do laundry. The staff is really friendly, and I get help with everything I need. I enjoy many of the fun activities, especially exercise class and Bingo.” 

– Phyllis G.

“At first, I did not want to sell my home and move to an assisted living, but the moment I walked through the door at Emerald Bay I was made to feel special. Everyone was so friendly. I have only been here a short while and have already made some wonderful friends. Everything is kept so nice and clean, and there are always plenty of activities to choose from. I love it here!” 

- Myrtle

I love living at Emerald Bay with my beautiful cat, Star. All of the residents and staff are so friendly and take really good care of me. I love sitting next to the fireplace with my tablemates. We have wonderful conversations. And there are always a lot of fun things to do here. I especially love the music entertainment” 

– Xenia B.

“Emerald Bay is like my home - away - from - home.  There are always lots of fun activities and outings to keep you busy, and everyone is so friendly here.”

– Shirley H.

I love living here because it’s such a beautiful place.  The staff and management are wonderful, and the activities are outstanding!  I love each and every one.  This is my home for ever and ever.”

– Julieann C.

“I really like that everything is on schedule, and the food is really good!” 

– Jim

“I love living here because I get my three meals a day, they take care of all my pills, and they do all my housekeeping.  I can also get my hair and nails done here, and they have church services.  All I have to do is sit back, relax, and have fun!” 

– Alvina

“I really like the people here, especially the RA staff.  I took care of my wife for six years, and I have total respect and appreciation for what the RA’s do for me and the other residents here at Emerald Bay.” 

– Melvin

“I love how the staff looks after my well-being.  They really listen to me and treat me with respect.  And whenever I’m feeling down, they always try to lift my spirits.  They really make me feel special.”

– Bonnalynn

“I love the people here.  It’s such a warm and welcoming place to live.  The staff is great, and the desserts are amazing!  They also have fun activities that keep me out of trouble.  But the thing I love the most about living here, is that I am close to my wife and can visit her any time I want over at the Memory Care facility.” 

– Don N.

“I just love it here—this is my home now.  I love the activities, especially going out to eat with the other residents.  I have made so many new friends, and we often play cards and do other fun activities together, like playing Bingo and socializing at Happy Hour.  I love to read, and they have a really nice library here. They also have tons of puzzles for me to work on.  Another nice amenity is that I can get my hair done right here at the beauty salon.  It is also really nice that they offer church services here.  The music entertainment is wonderful, and everyone is so nice and friendly!” 

– Myrt F.

“I came here with high hopes to start a new chapter in my life, and I am not disappointed.  I have made the best of friends!  I have a beautiful apartment that looks out over the woods ~ the fall colors are gorgeous!  The people here are wonderful and have made my live very pleasant.” 

– Verna

“I have been in home health care field for many years.  Emerald Bay has become a second home to me.  I love the residents here!  My philosophy is to treat those how I wish to be treated, with respect, kindness, and patience.” 

– Sally

“The residents are really fun to be with.  I enjoy participating in all the fun activities, like Bingo, playing cards, and Happy Hour.  They also have a great exercise program here.  The food is really good, and the beautiful atmosphere makes you feel like you are eating in a fancy restaurant.  The staff is also very efficient and professional.” 

– Gary G.

I love living at Emerald Bay! I don’t have to scrub the floors, or do the dishes. I have my own bed, and my own art room, too. The staff is wonderful and waits on me hand and foot. Michelle is especially good to me. And I love listening to Peter “Rhabet” sing. My husband and I feel very safe here.” 

– June N.

“Emerald Bay is such a fun place to be! I love being able to go for a walk around the building and out on the walking trails. The staff and other residents are very considerate, friendly, and fun to talk to! “

– Jan. G.

“It really gets to be like a family here. The food is good, everyone is pleasant, and you make so many friendships. You have to focus on the positive!” 

– Sonny L.

“I have been at Emerald Bay for over 6 1/2 years now and recommend this facility to anyone. I am very happy here and feel safe. I have made many good friends, and everyone feels like family. It is so nice to have Father Brendan come to mass every week. I also love doing all the fun activities – I especially enjoy happy hour!” 

– Gert R.

“I’m a new resident here at Emerald Bay and have been living her for less than 5 months. I am still finding my way around but have found the aides and staff very friendly and helpful. I enjoy exercise class, the occasional concert, the hair salon, and getting my nails done. Happy hour is my favorite activity each week! I am hoping to make more friends here as I am here longer!” 

– Dot R.

I really love it here at Emerald Bay. The meals are great, my housekeeper, Kathy, is awesome and I especially love the entertainment they bring in. I have made so many new friends and enjoy visiting with them outside by the beautiful fountains while watching the birds!”

– Tom B.